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There are a lot of threads on this topic and I've tossed the idea around of adding some liquids since I do a few blanket apps and fertilizations at the same round.

What I've found on this site is its questionable to do liquid at low volumes .3-.5 gallons per k out of a ride on.

Also it seems the liquid cost are much higher than granular considering I'm applying 3-4 total Fert apps at .75-1 lb N per k on fescue and Bermuda and .25 lbs N per k on centipede.

I'd be open to trying liquids if someone had proven results applying at my rates and volumes. I could benefit from a possible hybrid program since I do round 1 and 2 blanket apps, 3,4,5(usually spot treat but many times one round on warm is a blanket).
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