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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Idk if you posted before, but what piece of equipment do you use to bore with?

Lighting is something I've been looking into, especially because you must have a low voltage license in MN and there are not many companies offering it. The market isnt big yet but I feel it could be a very niche market here. I went to the Kichler LED seminar with my teacher (owns a high end install company) this fall and was very impressed with the technology and how simple the process of installing can be.
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Unfortunately we still bore with the old waterhose, pvc pipe, ball valve & jet nozzle method. It can be messy, and can be a pain at times, but it works in our soil. And it's a cheap setup. When I purchase a dingo sometime, I am going to get the boring attachment for it. Even still, to save yourself a lot of headaches (especially under asphalt) you better make sure you are following the grade on the drive and stay far enough below it that you won't damage the base underneath. Concrete not so much an issue, but you still want to have a good depth of coverage by the time you get out on the other side. Don't want it to be right underneath the pavement.

However, most sidewalks we can get under without the water. We have used things as crude as a t-post in hard soil situations. But it works. I've seen things like the "bullet mole" They seem like they would work well. I have learned that boring (especially the long ones under drives) is the epitome of the old saying "prior planning prevents p*** poor performance."

As far as the install process, it is simple, and it fits well as an up-sell on a sprinkler system. Just saw the latest transformers from FX and they have a really cool 2 wire system with different circuits feature on their newest Luxor controller. And surprisingly, its not that much more expensive of a transformer than it's predecessor.
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