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- looks good. easy to read and navigate. would add a home page link to your banner logo.

- really thin on actual content. the services page should be one of the most detailed, useful, content-laden pages, but 91% of your page is non-textual content.

- i find myself saying this a lot, mostly because full reviews are really time intensive, but go back through previous review requests and read them. any of them will largely apply to your site, just pretend they're domain agnostic as you read them. pay special attention to the on-site SEO advice (H tags, TITLES, Meta Descrips, etc) and the links to the seomoz and google beginner's guides.

- if you don't have them, get google and bing webmaster accounts and submit your sitemap.xml

- install google analytics and learn the basics so you can better identify and cater to your traffic

- for what it is, the banner image on your homepage is excessively large. this occurs when you save a photo as a .png, as well as try to include art work within the same. properly broken out and optimized, you could take that from 287k down to less than 40k. in a quick change, i took just the mowing image itself to 26k, with no noticeable degradation.

- re: the mouseover reveals, this is more subjective, but they seem to exist just for the sake of existing. if this came across my desk, the first thing i would ask you is, "why?" and the follow-up would be, "is there any usable value if you have to add the instructional 'mouse over me to see what i do'?".
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