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The fact that this is happening is incredible and long awaited for diesel fans, truck fans, and small business owners of all types. For our industry, all the smaller ops will love this option, and for so many other contractors who don't pull a lot of weight, this will be the best answer. It is pointless for me as a 3/4 or 1 ton is exactly what I need but it is still exciting because I know many people who this will be perfect for. All of the guys who use 1500's to pull their campers? This truck will be able to get close to 20 mpgs while doing it! Gassers get low teens at best.

My 2000 2500 ctd gets 26 mpg on the highway (not pulling) with the proper mods so im sure this 1500 will be able to get high 20s and into the 30s with some mods. The fact that it is an italian v6 is the only buzzkill. Why not use the cummins 4bt? No idea, but its a start and it is sure to have Ford and GM scrambling for a rebuttal. The ecoboost is cool and has good power, but your rpms have to be screaming for that power. This diesel will provide plenty of power at low rpms which is ideal for towing and mileage.
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