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Several suggestions that may help:

1. With LED tell the client they can easily add on at a later time. Go to the end of the last fixture, add wire and there you go. No more voltage drop criteria to contend with or hubs. I keep adding on mine at home, same transformer, and just add fixtures. Huge beauty of LED.

2. With LED you can use 14-2 or 16-2 wire. With halogen, depending on runs, your stuck with 10-2 or 12-2. The thinner wire is less expensive.

3. Check with your rep on long term savings on LED versus Halogen. Most have documentation that shows the cost difference long term. I know our FX rep did.

4. Warranty is big for our client. 15 years on the LED fixtures versus 2-3 on Halogen. Keep in mind too that with technology changing the way it is, you may not be able to find parts for a fixture that is 3-4 years old and out of warranty, then their replacing it at full cost out of their pocket. But if it has a 15 yr warranty its not your problem, its the manufacturer. I'd buy that 15 year warranty all day long if I were buying it personally. Imagine if you got a 15 year warranty on your computer?

These are a couple selling points on LED versus Halogen, hope this helps some.

I appreciate all the compliments that many post. I'm not ignoring them, but keep in mind too that I didn't learn everything from looking at trees either. I rely alot on friends, forums, books, and experience. Like I said before never stop learning.
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