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The bagging performance for cleanup mode of operation is NOT a strong point of the T30 (Toro TimeMaster 30). My other "out of production mower" with high lift blades is what I use on my accounts blessed with Pondersa Pine shedding. Not sure if the Toro/Exmark mowers use the same blades...? To many variables. As long as the grass is dense enough and you let it grow out some to 4.5"+ and loosen up the needles with a rake it would bag them Okay.

The other weak point is the personal pace system on continual steep hills. If there are gentle problem. 45° steep banks up and down forget the personal pace drive.

For gentle slopes and most lawns even with grassy swales I believe the consumer T30 is a better choice.


These are the lingering questions and potential drawback I'm concerned about with the Commercial 30 for Toro/Exmark vs the Consumer model T30:

The mower weighs more.
The handle doesn't fold up straight or forward.
Single speed transmission might be slower and more cumbersome than the Personal Pace T30.
More $.

I bought my electric start model @ CDA tractor. HD didn't carry stock.

I did electric start for shear speed and for smaller helpers. Unless one has shoulder issues it's not really needed.

My T30 and yBravo25 are not my primary mowers and cannot match the cut quality of my 32, 36 and 44 BOP mowers.

Those BOP mowers deliver an outstanding manicured cut.

IMO the T30 delivers a slightly better than average cut than many 21's.

I have no plans to ever purchase another 21" mower. They are Time Wasters.
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