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Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
What kind of seed do you plan on putting out? And will you fertilize at the same time or is that necessary? I've always had trouble getting seed to take on lawns, I guess it just takes lots of water.
On this lawn, bermuda. Bermuda takes 3x as long to germinate as rye. Rye takes around 7 days, bermuda more like 21+ have to be patient and keep it wet. It does take water. Just instead of infrequent deep waterings like you want for your lawn and plants, you want to have frequent shallow waterings. (The seed is right on top of soil and no root structures. Water that is absorbed by the seed happens very quickly. We will probably water for a few minutes 2-3 times a day. Until we see grass sprouts then back off to 2x per day and then after it can be mowed we will resume a normal watering schedule. Use a good starter fertilizer. Low nitrogen High in phosphorous & a decent supply of potassium.

Remember the elementary rules of Fert. Nitrogen = Vertical plant growth, Phosphorous = fruit production & strong root growth & Potassium = Plant health booster. Make sure you know how much of your desired element you are putting out. The numbers on the bag aren't worth the ink they are written in if you don't know how much of that product you are putting out.
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