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I am not a plow expert by any means but a V is definitely more efficient than a straight blade. As is a scoop style plow. (blizzard) We run v's on all the trucks.
I am firm believer that almost any equipment is better than trucks however.
There are numerous reasons but in terms of productivity most equipment (skids,tractors,loaders) is much more maneuverable than a truck. We try to concentrate route so that equipment can be used and drive time is not a factor. Right now we have 6 routes that a skid or similar piece of equipment can be used and is. All are tight pockets of work with no more than a 3-5 min drive time from site to site.

For the other stuff trucks are needed because of the drive time. Trucks are good at going straight and windrowing snow one direction or another. In the open bigger sites a truck is good because of speed but anything with islands, loading docks, corners or any amount of back dragging a truck just can not keep up.

In terms of residential we got out of it this year. We have always had 40 or so drives. they were just not worth the headaches anymore for us. In terms of what plow is best i have used both straight and V. Both are about equal. The biggest was having a backdrag blade. If it was me I would find a way to use a tractor, toolcat or a jeep.
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