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Better alternative to an alarm system?

We just acquired a nice shop with office space. Sits on Main Street in a smaller city. I was told there have never been problems with vandalism or burglary but I know once people see what we have in the shop, someone will get a little too curious.

Now, all the locks and dead bolts will be changed, garage bay doors will have the slide locked in with a pad lock every night (3 garage doors). Ill be putting a lock in the door from the office into the garage. Flood lights outside and eventually (months from now) 3m security film installed on all windows. I'm having 6-8 cameras installed with DVr and live stream features.

I plan on having a security system installed professionally but my question is, how effective will this be? Would it be better to put in my own system with montion sensors and a general loud alarm that goes off with a way to send me an alert when the system goes off?

Professional system costs to install and costs monthly. Thoughts from your experience?
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