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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
That's what scares me, what if something goes wrong with the site or the host, and I need to fix it but don't know how? I guess I'm a lil confused here LOL
As ELS points out, you're on your own with your actual site. There are just too many variables that go in to a site for your typical support to handle, especially a CMS, so you will need to rely on your own learning, the vast online documentation that's available, knights in shining armor, and the potential hired gun. Realistically, support would be similar to that of a lumberyard that sells you a 2x4 to build a shed of your design.

You will find some premium themes that have great support and user forums, so that is another option. Digging yourself out of any issues really comes down to your technical aptitude, analytical skills, and ability to effectively use Search.

The best question to ask yourself is "Do I need a CMS or do I just think I do?". ELS knows I refer to this as "Using a rocket launcher to hunt squirrel." Lol
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