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Throw those .205's away or use them for brush clearing, but for regular that flimsy thin crap, hit a rock and the tip of the blade breaks off and goes flying out the side at 200 mph hit someone in the shin take a chunk of flesh right out, cheap blades are dangerous garbage.

No sir, I take my job seriously, blades are an important part of the machine and a proper running piece of equipment is paramount to safety.

For that reason I don't mix and match blades, just a matter of principle, they all come in sets of 3's, I buy them that way... And when I buy blades I rarely buy just one set, I think the last time... About 6 years ago, if memory serves me right, I bought thirty blades now I don't have these silly issues of uneven this or that, it's all the same blade, pretty much.

It does aggravate when one gets bent, but there's one thing I have learned...
Watch what you're buying, cheap isn't always better, as often than not cheap means .205 thin steel.
Always buy .250's

Might cost a little more upfront.
But cheap tends to be far more expensive in the long run.

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