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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Glad to check in and see you enjoyed your trip Chris. Fescue huh? Well the good news is that if you ever did screw something up no need to resod , just throw down some seed and go on your way. I was wondering how the landscapes would look and the turf, if it would be all that you hoped. I have not visited a place were lawns are a prized as in Florida as a whole. From our Monostand St. Augustine to weed control - people here in general have high expectations for there grass unlike most parts of the country, which is good because it keeps all of us working.
Thanks Mike, it was a great trip...very relaxing. Most landscapes out there are very little grass with a decent amount of plants...from the ones I saw. Keep in mind, San Diego is a big area and most of the homes I saw were coastal properties that just don't have big yards to begin with. There is one area called Rancho Santa Fe with large estates that are 2-5 acres with mucho landscaping. I also heard it's an old money wealthy area. I think there is a lot of opportunity out there as it seems there aren't many people doing it to begin with and a lot of white collar workers. I see 20 rigs every day in my area...I saw one or two professional rigs the whole time over there. There were a lot of crossover plants like Hawthorne, BOP, bougie, cape honeysuckle, etc. and they grow about 5 main palms(Queen, King, Phoenix, washy, euro fan). I did see 3 Foxtails at this one home which made me chuckle.....

I'm sure there is Bermuda and st aug but it is probably more inland where summer temps wouldn't sustain fescue.

I will def. be moving out there one day and starting another company. It is a truly beautiful area. Traffic wasn't bad at all in San Diego. Only thing to get used to is all the freeways....
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