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Originally Posted by andyslawncare View Post
A $25 shovel can make several thousand in a year.
A $16,000 skid steer can make more money with less work.

I buy mowers used; usually with under 250 hrs.
I buy trimmers, edgers, chain saws, hedge clippers, and blowers new.
I buy used trucks and trailers. If I were to buy one this year, I would buy 2008 or newer with less than 75,000 miles.

All top grade equipment. We use Echo, and have multiples of each of their largest machines. Use Exmark mowers, drive 3/4 ton trucks, etc.

Maintenance crew is equiped with a back up power head and attachments and a minimum of 2 back pack blowers and mowers.

Some things you just can't break down into a direct pay off period until its worthless, for example: I bought an edger 7 years ago, and it crapped out last cost me $3.57 per month to own that thing and now I have it for parts--the carb and shaft are both still good.
good deal, I buy all the above new except trucks and trailers, because the mowers don't depreciate very much unless you really run them into the ground, I would know because I bought my 2005 scag tiger cub brand new spring of 2005 when I first got my drivers license, and traded it in summer 2012 with 985 hours on it in excellent condition for about 2300 less then what I originally paid for it, so at that point buying another new machine this time with the 61" deck and 34hp motor i wanted the first time wasn't really a bad choice. knowing it will hold its value for a long time, especially since my stuff is garage kept, and the trucks get bought used because they take a huge hit, and i'm not making enough money where I need the big tax write off of a new truck, a used truck works just fine and looks just fine for now, although a newer truck has crossed my mind many times and will hopefully come this year, but still probably be an 05-10 with under 100,000 miles and diesel. so it should hold its value pretty well even after 200,000 if i keep something that long.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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