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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post

You will find some premium themes that have great support and user forums, so that is another option. Digging yourself out of any issues really comes down to your technical aptitude, analytical skills, and ability to effectively use Search.
That is a good point, look for a premium theme because they package modules known by them to work in a particular manner. They do offer some level of support.

I have a premium theme and the guy was pretty helpful but little help was needed. The line is crossed, as expected when you have problems with other mods he did not include or when it comes to modifying the team. He was willing to provide a few hints in that case as well.

If I were going to a CMS site looking to get started as a novice, I would go look at the free themes. I would follow those to the develop site and then reveiw their premium themes. Frankly, almost everyone putting out the free stuff is doing so to show you thier work and generate leads. The other side is they are having some issues so they toss out the mod and hope to enlist some people to contribute and test.
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