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In my honest opinion the best truck for landscape / hardscape construction is that vehicle between 26-33k GVW. with airbrakes. Beyond that you can have stuff trucked in. I've talked in length on this here in this thread. You can barely haul 5 yards of mulch in a 1 ton dump without being overloaded. It's not just unsafe, its illegal and your running the risk of seriously hurting someone on the road because you can't stop quick enough.

I just don't see the need for a bigger roll off truck. Its been interesting to watch those friends that have graduated to this size truck based off what what has been said here. I'd venture to say if you checked with anyone of them they'd never go back to the 350 or 450. My maintenace costs for these larger trucks is half, if not less, than my F-550. They are just built for the workload.
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