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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
Maybe the guy on the right is marketing to lonely housewives?

Like the girl who owned the bikini mowing company marketed to lonely guys
Um....There is risk of attracting possible unwanted attention from the same ...if you get my drift. Hey what floats a persons boat but even if my upper body was fitness model class I would not want to be picking up on that vibe...

Occasionally I mow for someone who is in this camp and I'm not being judgmental but I don't like that vibe eminating in my direction.

Funny...back when I lived in an apartment this granny neighbor must of thought I was hot stuff. She'd toss me apples and peaches from the second story and if she was close she'd grab me and she couldn't keep her mits off me... It was awkward. Really.

So just saying might attract unwanted attention.
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