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.55 per k is what it says, i used program 1 and split that in half on a few i've done so far. thinking i'm gonna get barricade and use that on any new sales for round #1 and save the dimension for the 2nd half to possibly take advantage of the post emergent control. Would switching between the two products be effective? dimension just costs to much. 64 oz at jdl was gonna be 195 but they matched price and i think i got close to 60 off.

i went back onto those lawns i mentioned and i guess my pre-emergent wasn't a total flop. (i attached some pictures) the first treatment a few weeks back really knocked down what was trying to come up.. thinking i just had a little come through because of all the rain we have had.. I dunno.. but not a total failure.. i've seen way worse... thinking i might have actually done alright after all... there was mostly bittercress, a few patches of young henbit.

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A split rate of half of .55 per acre followed by the second half--several weeks later is according to the label--I think. But, I would suggest Program Two, as it offers longer protection 4 months as opposed to 3 months, and it is better suited to lawns that were not properly cared for last year. (I think you mentioned poor maintenance and not much irrigation).
Plenty of staying power is important--you probably have a long hot summer ahead.
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