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Originally Posted by crazyflyboy30 View Post
Yes my 580BTS would by what I saw .That is too circumstances .When he is backing ,pulling up .I would be getting ahead. I must be one of the few people really know how to run a blower. I have been using one sense 1990. Has I said before on what jobs I now that thing would be total worthless. And I have a 22cf. PECO vac. when I need it . And BOBCAT with a bucket if need to do some serious clean up.
Good lord dude, you're hopeless, absolutely hopeless.

Trust me when I say you're not the "best" at running a BP, I'm 200lbs+ round about 6'ft tall and can still walk foot over foot on a 4" wide curb while wearing a BP. I can switch directions on the fly from forward, backward or side to side without looking at where I'm going, it's all by feel. I'm not trying to sound like I'm the best, just stating facts.

And please for the love of all that's good LEARN TO SPELL!!
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