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Originally Posted by bugsNbows View Post
Zoysia is becoming more prevalent here also. The primary cultivars we see are Empire, Jamur, El Toro and ???. For awhile, the recently released Ultimate Flora variety was pushed. It was a DISASTER in my opinion. I would never select that variety if the choice were mine. Additionally, I much prefer reel mowers, and we tend to recommend higher fertility rates (and more water) than the current UF guidelines. Once established, zoysia can recover from drought injury better than SA...likely due to the presence of stolons and rhizomes. We have two fairly large (17 K+) Empire lawns on the same street...but about three houses apart. One is cut low (around 3/4 inch) whereas the other is cut tall (3-4"). The short one is dynamite... the tall one is ok but nothing to write home about. Currently, zoysia is not bothered by chinch bugs (which has been a selling point due to the Pyrethroid resistant SCB's that we have been experiencing). Perhaps, one day, the SCB's will expand their host feeding preferences but likely not anytime soon. Enough rambling. Toodles.
why was ulitmate flora a disaster?
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