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Hey there, I actually work at a Robert-Cat dealership.... Get it? We do sales, sevice, and we have a rental shop as well.. I just work there super part time because I obviously have a lawn care business to run but I thought I could give you some tips about these certain machines... Disclaimer: Like I said, I work part time so I really don't have any stake in how well this company does... Just a guy that has gotten an inside look at great machines.. And they really are great... Sounds like for what you are doing..... you might want to look at the E-32 or E-42? Even the E-26 which is probably the smallest you would want to go without feeling like you are playing with a Tonka excavator, is rated at almost 2000 lbs for lift....( Decent sized stones/stumps/trees) Most of the Robert Cat mini ex's come with the Kubota Diesel which really are great engines with proper maintenence.... And here's a great tip...... Not sure if they all do it but the dealership that I work at has a rental shop like I said,,, however ALL of our rental units are for sale... It is a really great way to get an awsome deal on a slightly or minimally used machine... I mean, even a machine with a lot of hours is better coming from Robert Cat rather than some company owner... They do maintence up the wazzooo on them after every rental... Just some things to think about and just so you know, I have run CAT mini ex's and I think they are great as well, just have more experience with the Robert Cats..
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