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Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
Cool. I've been terrible about keeping my FB page up. The shirts really have helped us, makes for a more professional image.
How many accounts are you up to now?
That's a good rule of thumb. I may have to start doing that at some point.
We are currently maintaining 12 residental accounts, 1 appartment complex, (will be picking up a second appartment complex after it is finished being built this summer), 2 single site commercial accounts, 3 institutional & 1 multi-site commercial accounts. We are currently bidding 2 other multi-site commercial accounts (number of sites ranging from 4-12). My goal is to have a dedicated 3 man maintenance crew this year. So far we are on track to make that happen. We also have 4 weeks worth of install work lined up, if it will ever give us a break in the rain. Don't wanna complain after last few years, but kinda in a funk right now. Have 2 jobs that only lack the details of getting completed and about the time they dried out enough to finish up, we get more rain. Today's wind kept us from spraying any yards so we were kinda like the israelites in the wilderness today. We were still able to get some things accomplished.
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