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From what I am seeing, there is a strong movement within the applicator business of taking a deeper and unbiased look at how this approach will help them improve their businesses while being better environmental stewards.
Does this means that a person properly using an EPA/Health Canada Approved SAFE for pregnant women and children Synthetic Pesticide is not being an environmental steward, and is some how considered a criminal spreading cancer.

Just take away the Synthetic pesticides, don't use them. Not even once for a rescue or emergency app. to these so called organic programs. Lets not forget the fact that irrigation is the other mandatory requirement.

Replace the lawn every 3-5 years at huge costs and call it organic.

Pesticide Free Businesses in Ontario fail. The organic Landscape Association has failed. Its common knowledge here, in time you will see. They don't have the option of using a synthetic pesticide for rescue and emergency usage. That's where things differ.

Where does it say Synthetic Lawn Pesticides are safe for women and children?
Right here:

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