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Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
Oh Ive been talking about it since the gas went way down. I told everyone buy the hell out of it now because soon as elections over your gonna see it go right back up!

Anyways, yeah look at the vw bug. They have a small turbo diesel in those and they get crazy mileage. If im not mistaken around 50mpg. That little motor in a small pickup and sign me up for my daily runner!!! LOL
Ok, I'll eat my words, there are a select few people out there who knew what would happen with gas prices haha but yeah those things get great mileage. If something goes wrong though... like all diesels youre talking some serious coin. Import cars might be even more expensive to fix than diesel trucks though. I had a 96 audi a4 I used as a commuter car for a year. I blew a power steering hose on in and a little import tuner shop quoted me $1200 to fix it. I bought the hose for $50 and did it myself. It was a huge ***** and I had to have a buddy of mine help me but we got it done, but the point is, its expensive if its like that.

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