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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
It doesn't sound like you had much fun but like you said you learned some things. I think you waited way to long to roll out.

I rolled out at noon Friday with about 2 inches on the ground and started hitting my accounts near me, mostly just to mark them with snow berms. By 5:00 pm I had 6 inches and was on my second push of a factory parking lot I do. By 7:30 the roads were almost impassable but I did venture out on my route anyway coming back to my factory lot each time, once with 6 inches of new snow on it around 2 am. Around 4:00 am I tried to get gas but everything was closed, even the Mobil that swore they'd be open all night so I had to skip my planned run up into the woods. Instead I worked my way home and helped a friend of mine upon up a large church lot about 1/2 mile up the road from me...he couldn't get a lane in...and then went home for a little break. I got stuck trying to plow a neighbors driveway that I hadn't plowed at all yet and said screw this and put my chains on with some help from my son. I ran around with my chains on all day Saturday and parked it around midnight, so a 36 hour shift with just one long break Saturday morning. All I do with my chains on is blast things's difficult to maneuver with them on. I rolled back out around 10:00 am Sunday without my chains on and did a few accounts and then went back and got my son to help with detail work until about midnight when I dropped him off an ran back out solo until 3:30 am Monday, at which point I had finished all of my regulars. Monday I started on the list of one-time customers that my wife had compiled for me but it started raining so I spent most of my time doing slush runs on my regulars and hitting aprons now that the town and state had gotten to the roads. Some of the one-timers were downright nasty with my wife even though she was pretty clear with them that they would have to wait. Thankfully she has pretty good phone skills because she works on a temporary basis for a FTD call center during their busy periods. My pricing is way below what yours is...mostly in the $125 to $150 range. I've yet to finalize my invoicing on my regular customers though. I only ended up doing about a half dozen one-timers.
I agree I think i did wait too long, but my truck with 1000lbs of sand in the bed, and with new nitto trail grappler mud/snow tires in september, had some of the best traction next to your truck with 235 snow tires and chains, that your gonna find. my tires are a 285 width and 33" tall so still pretty skinny. with huge deep treads that are self cleaning and really bite down into the snow. I would have liked to go out starting at 6" but by the time i did my last account it would have been 30-35hrs later with just me and one other truck especially once the roads got really bad around 11pm friday night and the town trucks quit or were getting stuck themselves and needed loaders to pull them out, so that was not much of option. i tried driving through close to 2' of unplowed snow way too much effort on my trucks part. I could see enough, but the truck was just struggling too much to go 10-15mph even so i called it quits.
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