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Originally Posted by treemover View Post
Machine is a 2012 329d 600hrs, the second time it quit I was running it, 5 hours straight, never derated or felt low on power until I felt a miss in the engine, then in about 5 minutes it quit running. I am on my 4 loaner machine and have 14 other diesels and none of those machines have had problems. I have checked fuel in 7 of the machines, open drain at bottom of tank and filled up quart jar and let it sit over night. All of them looked fine. The sample the dealer showed me in a quart jar they had probably had 1/8 cup of water/roundup.

I just find it odd, that a new machine has same failure in less than 7 hours. and the fact no one knows what caused the first failure. Just seems odd.

I emailed deere today and got a response back in about 10 minutes,surprised me. Sent him all the info he wanted this evening. It will be interesting to see what happens
What is really odd is how would he know its round up? Why is he calling it round up? I really think the dealer screwed up the first repair and jd isn't covering the screw up. So he is trying to get you/insurance to cover it.

Why a fuel sample now but not the first repair?

From dealer to failure where had it been and for how long? This let's us know if oppurnity was there or for how long. Its been asked a couple times but not answered.
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