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Thanks for the added info. It is a huge world out there, and very hard to decipher what is useful, what is not, what is important for my needs, etc. Some of these sites do not do a very good job of selling themselves to the non-initiated (way too many acronyms!). These are probably ones that have an appeal to the experienced user.

The last statements are important, especially "proving out your concept." Sometimes good ideas/concepts get shuffled aside because of poor implementation. Other times, poor ideas/concepts are given glitzy persona, work well initially, only to fall aside later because of poor foundational ideas.

The marketplace has exploded in the past few years, with the ease of making a store-front online. Digital media, and other electronic gadgets have made many new opportunities, some of which have merit, others of which are only facades. Just as the ideas have a spectrum of merit, so does success have wide spectrum.

Thanks. I will check out those suggestions.
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