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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
What is really odd is how would he know its round up? Why is he calling it round up? I really think the dealer screwed up the first repair and jd isn't covering the screw up. So he is trying to get you/insurance to cover it.

Why a fuel sample now but not the first repair?

From dealer to failure where had it been and for how long? This let's us know if oppurnity was there or for how long. Its been asked a couple times but not answered.
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I had in the original post, I had machine 4 days and ran for 7 hours. It was stored at my shop overnight and on job sites during the day. While I cant say with 100% certainty nothing happend, I find it very very odd. They are saying roundup because of phosphate levels, but everything I have found and read says roundup mixed with diesel, forms a type of glue and will plug injectors.

I have been very happy with deere so far, first email was answered in 5 mins, the email I sent out last night was answered first thing this morning. They said the area manger would be in contact within 7 days. Very impressed...see how it goes
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