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Originally Posted by treemover View Post
I had in the original post, I had machine 4 days and ran for 7 hours. It was stored at my shop overnight and on job sites during the day. While I cant say with 100% certainty nothing happend, I find it very very odd. They are saying roundup because of phosphate levels, but everything I have found and read says roundup mixed with diesel, forms a type of glue and will plug injectors.

I have been very happy with deere so far, first email was answered in 5 mins, the email I sent out last night was answered first thing this morning. They said the area manger would be in contact within 7 days. Very impressed...see how it goes

Not really sure if what they are telling you is true. Diesel fuel is used as a carrier in the application of Glysophate in some applications. Glysophate also has only one atom of phosphurus and would have very little amount of phosphate. So at current mixing rates, 1/8 cup would have so little phosphate it would be almost undetectable and the glysophate will dissolve in diesel so you get my point. I have not actuually mixed it with diesel so I have no idea for sure what it will do but it will only take a second for you too find out. Just mix diesel and glysophate together in diesel and see.
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