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ATTN All south florida companies...

Well as some know my company was the victim of an equipment theft at my home.. Further investigation has brought up nothing.. never any follow up by
the local sheriffs dept( no surprise there) . And the only thing I have gathered is that it is most likely thieves from miami who are mostly active in the Spring time... So this year I am trying very hard to not be a victim . I have the place wired with security cameras (costco 500$) motion detectors purchased from (harbor freight(2@15$ per) baby monitors inside of trailers ( 2 purchased off craigslist for 10$ each) ... and last but not least I will be rigging up a dummy trailer wired to a 220v source to hopefully fry one or two of the bastids...

So in short lets not let these scumbags do this to us again .. motion detectors and noise monitors are so cheap and it should be enough to catch these bastids ...
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