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didn't take the time to look up the actual poster or post but the best one in this thread was the one that said you have to dress and look according to your profession.

we are outside all day working in the cold and heat. dealing with grass, dirt, mulch, leaves, snow, plants, wood, etc we sweat. if we are working hard and doing a quality job and have our schedules full we are bound to be a little dirty throughout the day and shouldn't have time to clean up before an estimate.

my opinion of a guy who showed up to give me a lawn estimate in khakis and polo with not a spot on them and smelled fresh and clean is either

a) he doesn't actually do the work, he's just the guy who goes around all day and does estimates and is possibly the owner.

b) he must not be very busy because he had time to shower and change clothes before coming here.

at any rate I don't think people expect LCO's to be wearing shirts and ties to do there work or estimates. it's expected they'd have jeans and t shirts covered in grease, dirt and grass stains. hell I don't even show up in khakis and polos when giving an estimate on rain days. in fact on rain days I don't even have a company t shirt on. if I'm nit working due to the rain I'm giving estimates in the clothes I plan on wearing for the day. normally jeans and some sort of t shirt that either has star wars stuff on it or some other logo of some type.
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