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Would you hire someone you didn't like?

Reality is relative to the individual...whether you're the service provider or a (potential) client.

If your potential customer doesn't like you for whatever reason(s), they'll likely not hire you.

Some may not hire you because you're too clean OR too dirty...too well-dressed OR too unkept. Too friendly OR not friendly enough.

Down the road, referrals are where you & your service speak for themselves - placing your foot in the door. And if/should you remind them of someone else they don't/didn't like/care for, is what it is.

Pride & honesty coupled with reliably provided services is a firm foundational recipe that good folks will respect - and pay for. They will derive their own sense of pride out of this continual transaction.

A great client base takes does ridding yourself of PITAs you'd rather not provide service for/to.

My bottom line: first feel comfortable in your own skin. Then dress yourself to be comfortable to present yourself. Would you hire someone you didn't like/respect?

In case you haven't noticed: Excuses are all too often self-serving.
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