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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Now during the recession I offered rock bottom prices to make enough money to keep the telephones turned on. And my strategy worked, as I'm still in business and financially stronger than I've ever been.

But I can't see 3 people working for $400 per day. Thats very low. By the time you match the employee's medicare and pay worker's comp - you're walking away with no money at all.

That is, presuming you operate in a legitimate business manner.

I think you first need to sit down and make a sptread sheet of all your expenses. Itemize them. Factor in your labor burden. Factor in every red cent affiliated with the job at hand. (since you're new to the industry we'll focus on the job at hand, but as you progress you do need to contend with an annual operating budget).

Job right next door - you know sometimes those jobs use more fuel! Because you then must run to town to fetch materials.....and then drive back It costs me more money to do a job at my neighbor's than it does to drive to a job that is 15 miles away. Know what I mean?

One of these days a certain someone may launch an informative contractor forum geared specifically for the beginner hardscaper.........

Ok thank you here is where I am at though we work 6 hour days only half time and all. Ate rials are on site because they work had days And it is half day i only provide general liability and work mans comp which was in the 1500 per year and I dot provide health insurance thank god
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