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I can't believe the number of people here that don't tie down their equipment. Granted I'm new here and to this business, but I'm not new to hauling equipment, dealing with DOT and how they will look for a way to ticket you anytime you are in an accident, no matter who's fault it is. I have been hauling heavy equipment of all types, from 100k lb excavators to walkbehind floor scrubbers. 2 years ago I was driving a peterbuilt flatbed with a 10,000lb forklift on the bed. A guy tried to beat me pulling into his driveway on a main rd (40mph speed limit) and didn't make it. I T-boned his Ford focus with 35k lbs of truck. He bounced off the front push bumper like a ping pong ball and came to a stop 3 doors down the street. His car was totalled, my truck had a scratch on the bumper. When the police showed up, they called a DOT cop in to inspect the truck. The cop went over EVERYTHING. Checked each chain link with a stretch gauge, check the binder tension, the tie down points on the forklift and the truck, the hooks, EVERYTHING. The fork lift didn't move a fraction of an inch. The DOT cop came over to me after they rushed the guy and his wife to the hospital and shook my hand. He thanked me for doing it right and left.

If I had the mind set of some of the guys here, I would be dead as the forklift would have gone forward right through the cab taking me with it.

For me, its four point tie downs for all equipment on wheels with an engine. The next time I am in an accident, I don't want any tickets. Take the time to do it right, be the professionals that you so badly want to be recognized as. If you don't, the tickets will hurt, but not nearly as bad as be responsible for the death of some lady or kid because your mower flew off the trailer when you got hit.
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