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Facebook should be used in your marketing mix, but definitely not as your primary, or even secondary, method (is "thirdondary" a word?). To me, it's entirely a complimentary marketing component. 1%-16% of the people who Like your Page will be potentially exposed to your Status update in their feed.

Of all of the Lawnsite members FB Pages that I've visited (a lot), there are exactly two that I see doing anything that I would consider interesting or shareable, which is the cornerstone of FB marketing. Several others I've visited are quite close to doing it very well, but they're a bit too obvious in their tactics and messages.

(To those two, yes, I liked seeing the Ikea chair that can be used outdoors. Thanks for calling it to my attention. Would look great surrounded by pops of highly contrasting color! And, to the other, yes, I though it was cool you have a friend who won a Grammy. I have a friend who once won one and it was a fun fact to learn. Either way, as loose of a connection as it may be, it stuck in my head. That's what you want when it comes to marketing and branding. You want "sticky", even if it's not directly related to your lawn-striping ability. )

There's another FB thread currently going on in the Business Managment subforum that might be worth a read.
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