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Originally Posted by Patrick @ WandoPower View Post
I try not to trash-talk Stihl too much, but from my experience with the blowers imparticular, I dont know how you guys are getting any sort of decent service life out of these. We get more irrepairable Stihl BR's than any other piece of equipment out there, by far. The Echo is a reliable machine, but not very service-friendly (this is coming from an Echo signature dealer). I'd have to agree, the Husqvarna/Redmax blowers are the best out there right now for power/weight/price ratio. If you can get a 580BTS for anywhere near $476 i'd suggest you buy every one in stock, list on that blower is $579(this is the 77cc model). The 350BT is actually the blower that would compete more in engine size with the Echo you mentioned(50cc machines). The Stihl is a 64CC and would compete with Husqvarna's 560BTS/570BTS(both 66cc models, the 570 is a full framed unit though). Not sure how much you can get the Stihl for, but the 66CC Husky's are a really good alternative, these are made by Redmax and of excellent quality.
Perhaps because there are more Stihls than any other brand? We have had excellent luck with Stihl for over 15 years.
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