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oh yeah well my blower is bigger than yours!!!

i saw a 580bts at my dealer today. it wasn't that heavy at all really. it's kindof the same thing that people say 4 stroke trimmers are too heavy. they are only like 2-3lbs heavier than a 2 stroke. it's heavier yeah but it's not like it's gonna make a big difference. you are still gonna be able to use it just the same as you use a br600. the weight is a non issue unless you weigh 125-150 lbs and are tiny or something. i'm at 5' 9" at 200 lbs so it's not an issue for me.

the blower had this flat, wide mouth attachment that goes on the end of the tube. is that better for blowing off driveways and such or what exactly is it used for? would it be better to use it like that or just use the normal round tube end that is on it? just curious to those that have used it. i guess darryl has since he mentioned it.

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