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yeah i agree with you on husqvarna products. i like them more than stihl. i bought the 324ldx last year to use with an edger attachment for edging. i have it as a backup trimmer as well. it's the same honda engine that's on my honda trimmer yet it weighs 2lbs less than the honda. it's worked great for me. maybe when i get ahead i'll go ahead and buy a husqvarna blower when i can

i'm gonna go towards using all husqvarna equipment for the most part. i still like john deere and scag ztr mowers but i'm not totally against the idea of a husqvarna ztr. there is one husqvarna ztr that is basically just like the scag cheetah. it just needs a little tweaking and it will be right up there. the rops is kindof wide when folded. i like for it to be tucked in tight like the cheetah or deere mowers. also the husqvarna ztr holds 11 gallons of gas where as the cheetah holds 15 i think. small things like that are the main differences. who knows what'll be out there in 5 years when i start thinking about buying a new mower? as for 21" pushmowers i like the honda hrx217vka. i don't use a pushmower often so i don't need to buy a commercial one. the one i have now is 10 years old and still going strong so who knows when i'll need to buy another one? the husqvarna mowers use the honda engines too on alot of the models so they wouldn't be a bad choice either. that new HU800AWD model looks pretty cool.

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