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Originally Posted by wegomow View Post
Last summer when I got my license to spray, I talked to other LCO's and asked since I was doing residential accounts would I ever need to use products other than what I could get as a homeowner from Lowes and they all said no. So I have been using fertilome products. From reading here it doesn't appear that you guys use the store bought pesticides and herbicides. Where do you purchase these products?
Don't bother with those products. Look for a John Deere Store close to you. I know that area well, I used to have a boat at Northwest Harbor Marina. You may have to go to Raleigh if there's nothing in New Bern. Check out Goldsboro also. Are you spraying or doing granular applications.
Still get by there about twice a year
Good Luck. and check out your turf requirements (Bermuda, St. Augustine, Centipede and fescue) ie Atrazine is great control for weeds in Centipede and St. Augustine but WILL fry fescue. Know your products. Most guys here are willing to help answer questions.
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