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for sale

I understand and I did not want to insult you. I have been looking at a Bobcat 48" Hydro walk behind and the V Ride 48" . Got a price of $4400 on the Bobcat and I think I can do a little better on that. The V ride is interesting and I hear if it has Velocity deck it cuts wet grass much better. Is your unit a 48" cut ?

The problem you are going to have with selling used equipment is the same I am having selling my used stuff on Craigs list and Ebay right now. It seems anything over $1200 doesn't sell and the start up landscapers don't have any $$.
If u don't sell your unit... consider my offer but you are 4 hrs from me and it has to be worth the trip to take a gamble on a used machine.
I'm sure u understand. Good luck !!!!
Keep me in mind !!
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