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Oh hi there,

Test cut! New knife was working well but with the drought the beans podded right on the ground. Stopped here to tip the knife as far forwards as we could without picking too many stones.

Stand and pod counts put this field at a 52bpa average. Truck scale came back with 51.5bpa. I'd say that formula dow came up with works pretty well.

After a good hour on the phone with Trimble tech support and my dealer we finally got the settings right on the yield monitor. Ran until fog set in around 10. It was still there come morning! Going to be a lot of mould if there are more days like this.

Apparently the moisture sensor was right when it jumped up to over 40%. LOL I learned to use that as a ok time to go home warning.

Really tough combine settings. With late august rains restarting the beans flowering we had two moistures. The bottom of the plants were bone dry and prone to splitting, but the top clusters were tough and the pods didn't want to break open.

Dark green was 75bpa, red was 30bpa

New toy! I finally convinced mister mould board plow to buy a ripper! 7 shank no-til caseih 2500 inline ripper.

Sample is cleaning up. I am a firm believer in shipping 2% pods in the beans. If they're going to pay me for them they're going to get them!

Factory settings were too shallow. Quick adjustment and look over at the shop

And we're off!

I am blown away with the job it did!

Determining depth.

We rented a mini excavator this fall and drove over a bunch of corn and beans to dig soil pits. We learned that we have a severe plow pan from 8 inches all the way to 13 inches. I was taught to run the inline ripper one inch lower than the plow pan and that's what we did.

Trying every other run with the Trimble 750 and ez steer. The old guys were not pleased with the GPS for the first hour but then wondered how they farmed without it after the first day

What was really cool was when you look at the speed map the 750 made and over laid it on the yield map. Low yield meant low ground speed. Compaction connection?

The old girl is getting a work out! 5mph in the good areas but the headlands and severely compacted areas down as low as 3

We are fortunate to have the Port of Prescott so close. However it is a union run facility and as a result they don't work real hard. So Past 4pm and weekends we have to store the beans we harvest. Auger is set up on the drying bin.

Checking on the ripper again waiting for the dew to lift. Really cool to see the soil profile lift as the ripper passes by

Unloading last nights gleanings

Big test plot. Two products three dates fungicide trial! 17 samples to cut and weight

RTK really makes test plots easy!

Thanks Pioneer

Green is 85 red is 55. These were some LUSH beans

Big trucks mean big loads! Ready for the port in the morning

Long line

The port holds 6.5million bushels and is accessible by Rail, boat and truck

Rainy day. Good time to winterize the sprayer for the last time on our farm

Dismantled the sprayer tender as well. Needs some reworking for spring

My modular design really worked well

Back at it.

Thanks giving day cutting with the girl friend. Hard to beat it!

Next contract was to a brand new inland elevator constructed this summer by one of the broker houses. Very nice facility. 6 minutes to unload 1600bu

I complained about the position of one of their driveways. Two days later they moved it to where I suggested. Really cut down on congestion. I changed the world.

Trained the next guy how to use the GPS and rip

Another day another field

Off to our highest producing farm.

Still too tough. Try again later

A white mould suppressant product trial. No response. Sigh

Managed to get the headland done in the rain. Lots of slippage on that last pass!

We rented a huge brush shredder to go over our cob meal acres.


My favorite photo from this fall

Delivering to another inland elevator. Took a few dollars less per tonne here but the time saved with no four hour lines was well worth it!

Yep. We broke it! That ripper pulls hard. Third one of these arms we've destroyed

Washed oiled and ready for storage

This is interesting. Pioneer did a huge variety trial on our farm that they managed. All we had to do was spray it. This combine is super modified and can sample weigh and record multiple plots without stopping!

Very narrow so they can easily float it across the province

I absolutely love RTK! The last field!

Using the leaf blower to get the dust off before we wash it in preparation for corn

All perdied up

Painting slip plate on the floors

Adjustment time

Moving the moisture sensor


Changing oil and a bath on the weekend so she can keep swinging next week

And we're off!


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