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Originally Posted by peterreme View Post
I understand and I did not want to insult you. I have been looking at a Bobcat 48" Hydro walk behind and the V Ride 48" . Got a price of $4400 on the Bobcat and I think I can do a little better on that. The V ride is interesting and I hear if it has Velocity deck it cuts wet grass much better. Is your unit a 48" cut ?

The problem you are going to have with selling used equipment is the same I am having selling my used stuff on Craigs list and Ebay right now. It seems anything over $1200 doesn't sell and the start up landscapers don't have any $$.
If u don't sell your unit... consider my offer but you are 4 hrs from me and it has to be worth the trip to take a gamble on a used machine.
I'm sure u understand. Good luck !!!!
Keep me in mind !!
the machine is a year old, has 100 hours on it. the thing is still brand new so im not going to sell it way below what its worth. I know right now isnt a good time to sell things but come spring itll go. not sure how you got that quote you did for the scag cause i called my dealer plus got a letter to see what they are going for incase someone told me this an they are still above 7k right now even with their financing. if youre serious about wanting the machine then you can pm me but offering me 3k for a stander is insane. thats what you get a walk behind for
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