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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
Lunch times are a bit of grey area when it comes to telling them when to take one imho. I would think they would take one at about the same time everyday, depending on where they are on the route relative to a food stop.

Why do you go out everyday for ice watch? Do you have a lot of melt and refreeze? do you get to charge for this service?
Well some melt re-freeze. we have properties that have gutters and drainage issues off the roofs. but mostly we do this for security and piece of mind for the property managers. we are able to bill back some of the work to clients, others it goes as part of a seasonal contract. we do not make money on it really, we break even, however I sell contracts because of this, we have low liablity, and in the winter our guys are on salary, anyway so the labor is already paid for.

as for lunch it does change every day. now our properties are very close together. most our routes can be driven from start to finish in less than 15 miles. Thus going 1/2 mil out of our way to stop for food is kind unexcpetable to me. I dont mind them stopping as they pass by, but not driving off route to get it.

now the funny thing, the crew i was talking about was a landscape crew. they didnt travel. they are on the same site all day long. most of the crew shows up dirrectly to the site. but like i said, I pull up and people are standing around- "on lunch"

for that situation GPS wouldnt help

I use SAP, and i was hoping that they would have their time card systm figured out, thus before you pull up to s site you should know the status if if the crew is clocked in or not. problem SAP does have their stuff together, and im not thinking they will for at least 9 months.
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