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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Compost is food for the soil, OM for the soil, physical presence in the structure of the soil and an aid for optimizing the air/water ratio of the soil...

The Tea microbes consume/cycle the raw materials of the soil then die...
That fact of life,,, is basic to all life...

BTW, I'm not against AACT and I understand the value of healthy vibrant soils alive with SOM and its microbiology...

I also understand that microbe populations CHANGE quickly depending on its Habitat,,, so:
What should my concerns be about the habitat I apply the CT into?
Will the aerobic microbes survive long enough to help an anaerobic clay loam that never gets a chance to dry out???
How about soil temps???
What about looking at AACT this way. What if the microbes applied are food for the microbes already in the soil? Even if they're dormant, they should reawaken once adequate food/temps/soil moisture are available. I know a few companies that sell tea kits, consisting of compost and food for the tea. But if I'm in PA and the kits are coming from WA, what chance do those microbes have of surviving in PA? Probably not a good one.

The anaerobic clay loam doesn't sound like it needs AACT. Remember, AACT is just one tool in the toolbox, not the silver bullet that some claim.
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