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looking to buy a new mower. would like help

i know its going to be an everlasting debate over which brand is better. its just like picking a ford over a dodge, ford is clearly the winner. at least in my eyes and the eyes of many people in my area. haha
anyway, im in the market for a new mower to start my 3rd season. as of now i only have around 10 accounts but i havent really tried to get my name out their yet. i plan on atleast 30 at the end of the season.
my old mower was a P.O.S. 22hp 54" cut husqvarna bought at lowes. it was cheap and got me through 2 years of my own 4 acer lot and 3 years of my accounts lawns. now it sits with a seized engine.
im looking for a nice zt under or around the $7,000 range. in nj i could pay the 7% tax and get a Ferris is 500z 52" $6000. or i could make the trip to delaware and have no tax and have the choice between a Hustler turf fasttrak with a fx26hp and 54" cut for $6400, or a husqvarna P-ZT 4822 48" cut fx22hp at $6000

has anyone had any experience with these machines? my guess is that you will lean towards the hustler because its a proven name. i did like the 54" deck when i had it because some of my lawns can be 3 acres of grass. the way i see it a 48" wouldn't kill me but the 52" or 54" would defiantly be nice to have.
all are offering a 0% intrest rate.
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