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I think it looks very nice. I was using IE and didn't notice the quirks that some seem to have had with Chrome. When I get a chance I will take a look at it in Chrome and Opera. The colors looked fine, the menu text didn't have any problems and the phone number is readable and fine.

I like the colors, like the layout. Like that you have your company name and phone number right there and the first thing they see. I like the page layout and the information you supply on each page. I believe when I first saw this post I was on my Android phone and it looked fine.

Now, the suggestions. The meta tags looked a little funky and you have two description meta tags and no keywords meta tags which probably is not that big deal.

Visually, it might look a little better if the footer was the same color and width as your main block.

I think on the What is Hydroseeding Page a photo above the description with someone spraying might be good.

An IAHP logo somewhere would really make it look classy

I took a quick look at Advanced site and it didn't look like much was duplicated to me. I did like his quote page. I might think about adding something like that to my site.

I think you did great for your first site. I have done a dozen or more sites and still wonder how I have any hair that I haven't pulled out and that I still have any sanity (maybe websites have driven me so nuts that I am just the last to know I have lost my sanity)

Nice job
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