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Originally Posted by ELS Landscape View Post
should I be nice to the crew ? Really? How else will you get the work done?

Should I run a tight ship? Yes but do not be an a-hole unless you are there busting butt too.

What was the question?
I tend to rule with the iron fist in the past and found that I have been getting a better result with honey

I want to attract the best employees and retain the best. I know large companies that have lost great employees due to dumb rules like lunch breaks. And I get why they have those really tight rules

I personally would rather not have a bunch if tight rules. I'm not
Looking to be anyone's friend. But I want my guys to like coming to work for me. I want them to tell their friends that we do the best work, get paid well and have a good work day.

Problem is last two seasons I have not been hitting my numbers or the results I need. Now I know how to tighten the ship, I know these methods are proven to work with results. But I don't really want to turn into an a hole about it.

Large local landscape - no cell phones. If the supervisor pulls up and your on the phone, your sent home for the day, the crew leader is written up

Another company makes the guys load and fuel at night. Thus there is nothing to do in the morning. The guys don't get punched in until the first site.

Should I buy water for the cooler? Wtf I always brought my own water for me. These guys show up with nothing. Then they want to go to the gas station. If I didn't keep the cooler filled they would die from de- hydration
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