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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
Good to know could i pull a 8-10' mower with a smaller model? I know its not ideal but that at this point in time in the game i need it to be more multi purpose and be able to use it for snow as well? No doubting what you are saying just trying to educate myself more. Thanks
Have you looked into any john deere machines? I just bought a 4720 which is a 66hp tractor with 56 to the pto and im running a 7ft Land Pride Rotary cutter on it. I posted a thread in the tractor section and some guy was pulling a 15ft mower but it might of been a grooming but you would have no problem with a 10ft or if they make a 12 or 13 foot it would probably pull that. Land pride says it will pull a 15ft rotary cutter. The hitch capacity with the links all way in on the deere is 1419 and the hitch weight for a land pride RCM4015 is 1300. so im guessing you would be good if it fits with the links all the way in. If you got a 7fter on a 4720 i think you would be fine my biggest contract is 116 acres and im not to worried about the 7ft cutter
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