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Originally Posted by EastTexasProscapesLLC View Post
I didn't want to, but I chose a school 4 hours away. Glad I did it. My business wouldn't be supporting my wife and I if I wouldn't of.

I would doubt you would find anything online. Your learn more in your labs with hands-on work. You don't have to give-up your business. Nachadoches isn't that far away from Longview. Go to SFA. You can sometimes schedule classes where they are only on Tuesday and Thursday. That's the way to go. Leaves lots of time to work.

One man's opinion, but I wouldn't waste my time on an online program. I don't know they may be out there and they may be great. But thinking of what I picked up during school, 90% was affirmed in labs. Don't think I would know how to apply what I learned without labs.
I'm not in Longview proper, I'm closer to Gilmer, which puts me right at 1.5-1.75 hrs away from SFA. That's my main beef. I'd have to have yet another vehicle that gets good mileage to commute back and forth. That's in addition to at least one if not 2 (most likely) trucks. That gets expensive!

Originally Posted by EastTexasProscapesLLC View Post
I might add, you can do very well in this business without a degree. There are many on here that do very well without. But, personally, I wouldn't be in as good of shape with my new business without.
Originally Posted by Turf Dawg View Post
Talking about degrees.
You may think this sounds crazy, but after years in this field I think it is best to get a business degree if you are going to have your own company. If you plan on working for someone else the horticulture degree would be the way to go.
Originally Posted by EastTexasProscapesLLC View Post
Mikegyver, You could most likely get a business degree online and do well with it. Turf Dawg, How many years since you graduated and how many years in business?
If anything I'll try to clep a lot of the non-hort stuff required for the degree (US history, Political Science, Social Science, Performing arts, etc). Or I may just take the hort classes and not get the degree. I'm not into the whole "college experience" and would rather spend less time in classes for things I don't need. I already have all the experience I feel like i need in the area of public speaking, I am the vice president of a organization of 280+ people and regularly speak in front of 130+ people at monthly meetings. I also took some college level courses while I was in high school in subjects like history and such. Plus my dad teaches history and economics so I'm kept well versed in much of that. Not to say that classes like that are not good, its just I don't feel like it is necessary for me for the path I am taking.
Like I said somewhere else, I'd like to take some further business classes. Mainly some accounting to reinforce what I already know. I've taken accounting 101 but would like to build on that. Maybe some web classes.
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