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Originally Posted by EastTexasProscapesLLC View Post
Mikegyver, You could most likely get a business degree online and do well with it. Turf Dawg, How many years since you graduated and how many years in business?
Ah man, you are making me show my ignorance
I graduated High school in 1985. I did enroll in Jr College but working full time that only lasted a semester. I started mowing part time in 1995 and went full time in May 2004. I would have went full time sooner but I needed 17 years of service to get full retirement.

Trust me, I have nothing against Horticulture degrees and feel they are a great thing to have [wish I had one]. I do think time in field, short courses, seminars, reading, ect...... can also give you knowledge in this field. I truly feel that "People Skills" and business sense is what can make you or break you.
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