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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
TeraGanix, innoculates micro-organisms... I was stationed in Okinawa and I'm happy for Dr. Higa and his contribution to a deeper understanding of microbrial interactions... That might be a good reason for an indepth thread discussing the incredible world we live in...

However, at the moment,,, I'm interestted in the results of AACT revitalizing the soil and what might be the best way to keep enough food on the table, for these beneficial organisms to continue their revitalization efforts...

Keeping food on the table other than compost...........

Something I will do at home is plant some trees on the side of the property where the prevailing winds come from at time of leaf drop. These leaves will be mulched into the lawn rather than removed. This should add carbon as a food source without any added costs.

I will innoculate effective microorganisms every spring.

Some interesting reading that may give some insite to the subject of Plant-Soil relationships as well as Rhizosphere biology can be found in Marschner's "Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants. Third Edition.

This reading really lets you see the "Big Picture" and how Improving soil biology is enhanced.

Much to learn and the AACT teas IMO are a needed tool for Turfgrass health.
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